Reference Checking by Email


How much time do you and your staff spend calling on references? A lot, am I right?  Save time and have documented answers using ApplicantPool’s reference check via email. The process is quite simple. When setting up your application, ensure that you have a section for references. Within this section, require an email address for each reference provided. It’s nearly THAT easy!

Reference Survey

You create a reference survey inside of ApplicantPool. This survey is fully customizable. Ask any question on this survey that you would ask over the phone. Create drop-down style questions, multiple choice, yes or no, or even paragraph style questions. Once the survey has been created, you can email this to an applicant’s references. They open up the survey, answer the questions and send it back. All of this is done right inside of ApplicantPool and completed with a simple click of a button! No more tracking down a reference or waiting for a call back. All answers are stored on the applicant’s file within ApplicantPool for easy review by you or the necessary managers.

Save time on Reference Checking!

Email Reference Checking saves you time because it allows the references to complete the survey at their own time and stops you from having to return phone calls, track them down, or catch them off guard making answering your questions difficult or even inaccurate. Reference checking because just as easy and convenient as sending an email. How easy is that?!