Online Application

You can begin accepting online applications today with ApplicantPool hiring software.  Our software makes applying and hiring easier than ever.

iStock_000010767496XSmallAccepting Online Employment Applications

We will work to covert your paper application in to an easy to use electronic application, ensuring you get all the necessary information the first time. No more empty fields on applications that are important in the hiring process. ApplicantPool requires fields that essential to your hiring process and even allows you to create job specific questions so applicants can answer questions that are only relevant to the position that they are applying for.

broker-145545_1280 ApplicantPool’s two step application process is easy for the applicant to use and makes sure you get the information that matters most.  The applicant will begin by completing an online profile containing their personal contact information and creating a secured login for themselves. They can use this same login to apply to future listings, saving themselves time by bringing in work history or educational history from previously submitted applications.

We know that each company’s needs are a little bit different, and because of this, our application is very customizable and allows you to add as many custom questions as you need.  You can even turn your application in to a short and long application process, only asking the most qualified applicants to complete your full length application.

The options are endless! Interested in a free trial or a live demo? Contact us HERE!