Email Communication & Templates

images (2)One of the most time consuming steps in the hiring process is communication. Communicating with the applicants about interviews, the status of their application, a choice to go with another hire and so much more. ApplicantPool takes this time consuming burden to a manageable level with custom made emails templates.

Thank You and Rejection Email Templates

Each applicant wants to know that their application was given the respect of a review. There is nothing worse than applying to a job only to have no response given. The applicant wonders if their application was received, and if so, was it even looked at.  Keep your candidates confident in their application with your company with communicative responses via email.  ApplicantPool provides automated email confirmation each time an application has been successfully submitted. You can then use our pre-made rejection email templates, or create your own to notify applicants that you have chosen not to hire.

You can also use ApplicantPool email templates to send reminders about assessments, drug screening requirements, or to even send electronic information packets for your applicant’s review. There is no limit as to how many email templates you can create and each one can be created using mail merge fields to give the applicant a personalized experience.

Automated Reminders for Incomplete Applications

How many great candidates are you missing out on because they stopped part-way through their application? ApplicantPool provides a 2 step reminder process for applicants.  You have the option to tell the system to send out an automated reminder email asking the applicant to complete their application. This email is sent twice; x amount of days after they start their application and then again at another time, specified by you. These reminders help ensure that you are getting every applicant in the pool that you can; never miss another opportunity.

Email Tracking

With hundreds of applications coming in, just as many, if not MORE, emails are going out.  ApplicantPool tracks all your email correspondence so you don’t have to. Never send a duplicate email again. Each application has a full email history allowing you to see which email was sent along with the specific date and time.