About Us

ApplicantPool has a dedicated support team to help you through the training and transition process. Even once you’re using ApplicantPool on a regularly basis, support is only an click away. We pride ourselves on making sure our customers have all the help they need to use ApplicantPool with confidence.

What system is right for you?

ApplicantPool is a white-label product of ApplicantPRO, developed by JobMatch, LLC.  ApplicantPool was white-labeled and approved for resell by various emotional support dog certification resellers nationwide. ApplicantPool.com is currently managed by Strictly Support, a reseller of ApplicantPool and provides all customer support for the ApplicantPool product.

If you are interested in ApplicantPool, please feel free to ask your current applicant tracking system account rep if they resell this product, or feel free to contact ApplicantPool directly at support@applicantpool.com for more information.